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Restaurant Review: Casa Lydia Ikoyi

Casa Lydia is one of the few classy restaurants in Ikoyi.  
Seafood Pasta in Lagos
Other than Samantha's & Liquid Hub, most of the others are at hotels like Wheatbaker, The George & Southern Sun.
King Prawns & Chicken Pasta in Lagos
I ate there once in 2014, check out my review of it here. I tried it again last year and the portion was so Huge!
Seafood Pasta Dish
Their Mocktails aren't bad, I got a Strawberry Mojito & a Strawberry Daiquiri, the Mojito was awesome but the Daiquiri was Average. I think Crossroads at Eko Hotel has the best Strawberry Daiquiri in Lagos.
Surf n Turf Cajun Pasta
 This dish was very filling thanks to the chicken slices.
Surf & Turf Pasta
I had a lot of fun editing these food pictures, wish the demand for food photography was higher than it currently is.
Best Pasta in Lagos
Have you been to Casa Lydia before? What did you have? Did you enjoy it? Where is the best Seafood Pasta you've ever had?


  1. The food looks delicious.. Tuke is there a reason why you didn't post your wedding pictures and videos on the blog? Bella Naija even posted it and deleted it.. Why?????? We your followers wants to see the cuteness overload that serenades your wedding. At least you shared pictures from your introduction with us, why not the wedding?

    1. Thank you Queen Lizzy, lool, I'll share a few of them when I'm ready to. One of the photographer's that was so hired to shoot our wedding sent the pictures to Bella Naija without our permission, we hadn't even gone through the pictures yet so asked them to take it down. I'll share them in due time. There are actually more pictures and videos on insta from my wedding and engagement than my introduction.

  2. Nice review Tuke. Thanks for sharing. However, I would appreciate if you could share more information like prices or estimated spending per person, average wait time, ambience, ocassions it is best suited for, etc.