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Samantha's Bistro for Visa Restaurant Week

Visa Restaurant Week is on for a couple more days, if you have no idea how it works check out this post for more info.

I had lunch with the giveaway winners yesterday. We were supposed to have lunch at Nok By Alara, however, we found out when we got there that lunch is from 12-3pm and dinner from 6-12pm.
It was a bit annoying because it wasn't stated on their Instagram page but they have updated their bio to include the timing information.
Visa Restaurant Week 2017
We went through the different menu's on lost in lagos website and decided to head on over to Samantha's Bistro to try out their Visa Restaurant Week Menu.

I had lunch there earlier in the year with my cousin, check out my thoughts on our experience then here.
Peppered Chicken on a Stick
For the starter, Bisola got the Grilled Chicken and Corn salad while Ilamosi got the Grilled Quesadilla's.
Chicken Corn Salad in Nigeria
 The salad came in a really tiny bowl, I was quite shocked at the portion, it looked like something off a kid's meal.
Fresh salad in Lagos
Looking back at my Sugar Cane review post, the portion size was quite similar, however, it didn't seem as small because of the way it was plated.
I sorta expected 4 quesadilla's but there were only 2, it tasted okay but Ilamosi didn't particularly like it, she gave it a 5, I will give it a 6.5/10.
Strawberry Daiquiri in Nigeria
I got the Strawberry Daiquiri and it cost N2,500. It was quite tangy though, not really how I like it.
Daiquiri & Iced Tea in Lagos
 Bisola got the Zobo Iced Tea which cost N1,500, she thought it was nice but quite watery.
Strawberry Daiquiri from Samanthas Bistro
One thing you need to note is that the cost of drinks, tax and service charge isn't included in the set price of N7,000, N9,000 or N12, 000 for 3 course meals.
Coconut Rice & Chicken Curry in Lagos
Ilamosi got the poulet cocotte grand mere as her main, it means Chicken Grandmother in a pot.
Coconut Rice & Chicken Curry in Nigeria
She chose Coconut rice & Fries as her side and really loved the fries.
poulet cocotte grand mère in nigeria
The Chicken was nice and tender, however I wasn't a huge fan of the sauce.
Chicken Grand Mere curry in Nigeria
Ilamosi liked her meal, gave the fries a 9/10, rice 8.5/10 and the chicken 8/10/
Pasta & Tomato Sauce in Lagos
Bisola got the Seafood pasta as her main.
tagliatelle and tomato sauce in nigeria
It came with focaccia bread which is really popular in italy.
tagliatelle and marinara sauce in lagos
The chef came to our table to garnish the dish with parsley and grated cheese.
Seafood Pasta in Nigeria with cheese
Do you think it looks better with the garnishing or without?
Seafood Pasta in Tomato Sauce
The sauce was a plain marinara, Bisola gave it a 5/10. I would give it a 6, when you ask for a tomato sauce, many italian restaurants don't add much seasoning/flavour to it, maybe just basil and garlic.
Apple Crumble & Ice Cream in Nigeria
She got the Apple Crumble & Ice Cream for her dessert.
Apple Crumble & Ice Cream in Lagos
It looked quite different from the apple crumble I'm used to seeing, this one seemed deconstructed.
Berry Clafoutis in Lagos
Ilamosi got the Berry Clafoutis as her main.
Berry Clafoutis and Ice-cream
It didn't look very pretty and I didn't like the texture or sauce that was put on top either.
Berry Clafoutis in Nigeria
Ilamosi & Bisola both scored their desserts 7/10, I thought the ice cream was quite custardy, wasn't a huge fan of either dessert.
Pancakes & Waffles in Lagos
I didn't order off the menu, got pancakes, waffles and suya instead.
Pancakes & Waffles in Nigeria
 The pancakes were delicious, the waffles not so much.
Onions Tomatoes and Cucumber in Lagos
 The chicken suya was nice, it cost N1,500, I'm glad I got it.
Chicken Suya in Lagos
We were really full after our meal, the service was pretty good too.
Peppered Chicken Suya
 Have you been to Samantha's before? What was your experience like ? Would you go there again?
Nigerian Suya
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  1. A sincere review Tuke, I personally think the pasta looks better with garnishing!


    1. Thank you Oroma, yes, the garnishing definitely added colour to the dish.

  2. Thanks for the honest review. That’s a chicken curry dish not Poulet cocotte grandmere which is a much silky and simpler yet comforting sauce.

    1. You're welcome.
      I was wondering why it wasn't as expected.
      Please let your waiter know she mixed things up.