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Cafe Royale for Visa Restaurant Week

Visa Restaurant Week ends tomorrow and I have loved being a part of it :)

After trying the Dinner menu at Sugarcane and the Lunch menu at Samantha’s Bistro, I have to say the Cafe Royale option has been the most filling.

Cafe Royale is one restaurant I have known about since primary school. Chocolate Royale was the best place to go for ice cream, Donut, Muffins and Brownies.
Popcorn Shrimp in Lagos
My family and I tend to have New Year’s Day lunch at a restaurant and Cafe Royale was a staple/regular before Pearl Garden and Ocean Basket.
Popcorn Shrimp and Tartar Sauce in Nigeria

Tola ordered the Buffalo Wings, Chicken Suya Pizza and 2 scoops of Ice cream from the Lunch Menu.
I got the Popcorn Shrimp, Chicken Creole Pasta and 3 scoops of ice cream from the dinner menu.
We got a big bottle of water which cost N600 and a glass of chapman which cost N900.
Chapman in Lagos
The glass is the same as the chapman at Ikoyi Club but theirs costs N140 without bitters and N250 with bitters.
Buffalo Wings in Lagos
The Wings were delicious and the portion was huge, 12 wings, Yummy.
Chicken Suya Pizza in Lagos
The pizza was our least favourite actually, I love the base of their pizza as it’s light and flat however I wasn’t too keen on the red onions or pepper on it, I prefer regular suya to suya pizza.
Suya Pizza in Lagos
The popcorn shrimp was so fresh and scrumptious, the portion was quite huge too.
Shrimp in Batter in Lagos
My sister is allergic to shrimp so I asked the manager, Mr Bayo, if the shrimp creole pasta on the menu could be changed to Chicken and he nicely obliged. 
Chicken Creole Pasta in Lagos
Many restaurants are so set on the menu, I like that he was able to accommodate our preferences.
Prawns in Batter in Nigeria
My sister  has loved the chicken creole at Cafe Royale for many years. She almost always orders it when she goes there. I prefer tomato based pastas to creamy ones, will try the diablo pasta when next I go to chocolate royale.
Tagliatelle Creamy Pasta in Lagos
The ice cream was great, as usual, I will like to believe they don’t use expired ingredients anymore after that scandal last year.
Raspberry Kiwi and Straciatella Ice Cream in Lagos
The service was amazing, there are so many benefits to having a sensible manager, many restaurants in Lagos need to ensure their manager is well spoken and charismatic.
Seafood Alfredo Pasta in lagos
Our bill which included Drinks, Tax & Service Charge came up to about N5,000.
Lady Finger and Chocolate Royale Ice Cream
Hope you enjoyed my review of 3 restaurants for Visa Restaurant week, it was fun collaborating with Visa for this and I look forward to more collaborations like this :) Did you take advantage of Visa Restaurant Week? If yes, what restaurants did you visit and what was your experience like there?

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