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Sugarcane Restaurant Lagos for Visa Restaurant Week

As explained in my last post, Visa Restaurant Week is happening in Lagos from the 1st to the 21st of November. This means that Three course meals at over 30 restaurants in Lagos can be had at a fixed price of N7,000 for lunch, N9,000 for Dinner or N12,000 for fine dining. These prices are exclusive of Taxes and Drinks.

I was gifted some vouchers so my fiancé and I went for dinner at Sugarcane earlier this week :)
Sugar Cane Restaurant  Lagos Visa Restaurant Week

Sugarcane is one of those restaurants that started in an Awesome way, instagram page popping, aesthetic on fleek, unique decor, bold colours, professional food pictures by Joel Adu, you can tell the owner put a lot of though, time and effort into designing the space.
Review of Sugar cane restaurant lagos
From the gates outside to the table mat, the wall hanging to the tables, there is a crisscross lozenge/sideways diamond shape recurrent theme.
Decor at Sugarcane restaurant Lagos
We were given complimentary Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn to start with and it was so delicious, I had to ask for a refill.
Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn in Lagos
I really think this popcorn should be sold in to go bags like so yummy, it tasted sooooo good!!
Best Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn ever
When deciding on what restaurant we should go to, we looked at each item on the menu to see which one had starter, main and dessert options we were interested in.
Sugarcane Visa Restaurant Week Menu
I really liked the main and dessert options at Sugarcane, however I wish there was more variety for the starter options on the visa restaurant week menu.
Greek Salad at sugarcane
I went through the normal a la carte menu and saw other starter options of similar price as the one's chosen that would have been more interesting e.g. the chicken wings.
Greek Salad with Onions Tomato and Onion
He ordered the greek salad as his starter, the Braised Beef as his main and the S'more Waffle as his dessert.
Greek Salad Flatlay
I wasn't super hungry so I got the chicken waffle sandwich.
Chicken Waffle Sandwich in Lagos
It cost N4,500 and came with chips.
Chicken Waffle Sandwich at Sugarcane
I loved the waffle, loved the sauce, just wish the chicken had more flavour and wasn't as thick.
Chicken in Waffle with Chips
My sister asked me what I prefer, Chicken and Waffles or a chicken waffle sandwich, I can't decide, can you?
Chicken Waffle Burger in Lagos
The chicken waffle sandwich is definitely messier to eat except you use fork and knife. I ate it with my hands like a Burger :)
Braised Beef and Mash Potato in Lagos
He liked the Braised Beef but thought it wasn't as soft/melt in your mouth/fall off the bone as it should have been.
Delicious Waffle in Lagos
The s'more waffle was interesting, my favourite part of that dish was the graham crackers, reminded me of digestive biscuits.
Waffle with Marshmallows & Chocolate sauce
 The chocolate sauce was really nice as well.
Buttermilk waffle in Lagos
 I wasn't a huge fan of the roasted marshmallow though.
sMore Waffle in Lagos
We shared a large bottle of water which cost N800, I hear their cocktails are nice though.
Cactus in Lagos
10 days left till Visa Restaurant week ends, hope you make out the time to visit one of the participating restaurants.
Visa Restaurant Week Voucher
Have you been to Sugarcane before? What was your experience like?
Black and White Waffle
Have you taken advantage of Visa restaurant week yet? If not, what is stopping you?Best Popcorn in Nigeria
I definitely plan to visit Sugar Cane again, need to try their Pasta & Red Velvet Pancakes and I'll like to take  my pictures in the day time to take advantage of the amazing natural light that comes in the large glass windows.
Cinnamon popcorn in Nigeria
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  1. Hi Tuke!
    Your photography skills are becoming even more amazing by the day, gosh!!
    I want to just steal one and use it as my wallpaper, so beautiful!

  2. Tuke, your pictures are so amazing. What???