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Orange Ankara Collar Dress

There have been a lot of Food posts over the past few weeks so I'm glad to be back with a Fashion post in collaboration with Jennifer Amani.

If you didn't catch our first one, check it out here.
Ankara Dress 2017 style
This Dress was made my tailor, Iya Ibeji, for N2,000 only :)
The pictures were taken by the talented Noble.
My Hair was made in a pony tail using the technique here.
If you've been wanting to invest in Virgin Hair Extensions like the ones I use, now is the time as Her Given Hair is running a Black Friday Sale till November 30th. Use the coupon code "Tuke" to get 
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I love the fact that Jennifer's outfit has detachable sleeves.
Check out her post here for more pictures of this look!
One of my favourite girls from Nottingham assisted Noble with the shoot, don't you think this pose and location would be perfect for a Pre wedding shoot?
This shoot made me realise that I need to invest in more high heels as I own a lot of kitten heels which are great for when I'm playing Sax and have to dance around. I bought a lot of heels during the summer and will be sharing them in a post on youtube soon, make sure you subscribe to my channel here.

To see more pictures of this dress, check out this post with pictures taken by a Samsung S8.
Fun Fact: My top 7 saved posts on Instagram feature Ankara outfits. If you run a fashion brand and would like to collaborate with me feel free to send an email to
Don't forget to enter the giveaway in this post, winner will be announced in a couple of days.


  1. Please can you drop your tailor's contact? Thanks

    1. Lool, i'll whatsapp you.
      No tailor is perfect sha!

    2. Hi Tuke. How about we who don't have your contact, how can we get your tailor's contact details?

  2. This dress is too cute! You have good eye for fabric :)
    Yes, I will be needing that number too!

  3. I want her number too please. This dress is just too good...

  4. I am big fan of outfits in ankara and love both of yours! I second Cassie Daves' message - your tailor is great and he's definitely a keeper lol. ||