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Lecker Cafe for Visa Restaurant Week

Visa Restaurant Week gave me the chance to try out the only German Restaurant in Lagos.

I went with their Lunch Menu and got the Steak and Avocado salad on a bed of greens as my starter.
It was filled with steak strips, bell peppers, tomatoes and avocado.
I liked the plating and the salad dressing but would have loved some more greens.
I got the Crab Pasta as a main and it was a very wholesome and rich dish.
I loved the tomato based sauce, it was a very comforting meal, something I envisioned many German's would enjoy on a cold winter's day while sitting by the fire place.
The Crab Cakes on top were extremely rich, filled with a bit too much seasoning for me.
They didn't have the chocolate eclair which was my preferred option for dessert so I went with a bowl of good ol vanilla ice cream.

It's a cute spot off wole olateju with wifi, blue tooth, freshly based pies and wine too. Are you a fan of German food?


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