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Circa Lagos for Visa Restaurant Week

Visa Restaurant Week started exactly 1 week ago and will last till November 27th!
I stopped by Circa Lagos and tried out their Dinner Menu which costs N9,000 for a 3 course meal.

I got the Home made Naan Bread with Smoked Chicken as my starter.
The Spicy Tomato Chicken Pasta as my main. It tasted and sounded way better than it looked and was such a huge portion.
 Carrot Cake & Ice Cream for Dessert, the Ice Cream was delicious, very creamy and decadent.
 I got a Frozen Mocktail which cost N1,500.
Absolutely loved the ambiance, decor and huge windows allowing natural light into the restaurant.
Check out all the other Restaurant Week Menu's here and make sure you take advantage of the discounted 3 course menu's at 36 restaurants all over Lagos :)


  1. Tuke, do they have vegan options? (covers face). When I visit Lagos I love going to a vegan restaurant called veggie victory. It is in VI, the food is yummy! Try it out:D

    1. Hey! Never heard of veggie victory, will deffs try it out. I'm sure they have a couple of vegan options on their menu.