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An Afrocentric Ankara Themed Nubian Maternity Shoot

How stunning are these Afrocentric Nubian Maternity Pictures 😃
It's my First Mother's Day as a Mum and I feel so blessed for this gift and privilege of motherhood.
Mummy's are Superheroes, its Amazing how they balance all the different aspects of their life yet are able to make their children feel so important, special and loved. 
As an Ankara Lover, you know I had to do one Afrocentric themed Maternity shoot, shout out to @VdlDesigns for this stunning outfit.
I'm really looking forward to the journey ahead, watching my baby's grow and develop.
I pray that everyone who is seeking God for this gift gets their prayers answered.
Happy Mother's Day!  

Make sure you make your mum, mummy friends and every woman who has mothered you in any way feel special
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Makeup: @Belapro31
Hair styled by me using my @NappyHairedWigs Drawstring Ponytail
Photography by @BimpeKayode


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