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A Beautiful Baby Shower

My sister and cousins planned the cutest Baby shower for me.

 The decor and props were absolutely perfect, like my Bridal Shower!
 I had mentioned a number of times that I wanted a diaper cake and they got me a really pretty one.
 I recorded a video unravelling the diaper cake so subscribe to my youtube channel here so you don't miss it!
My sister and cousins set up the decor themselves at a really lovely space in Lekki that is available to rent at a super affordable price.
If you would like the contact details for the space, feel free to send me a mail and I'll give you all the deets!
We played loads of fun games, like this guessing game with baby pictures of celebs and some of my friends, Can you figure out who is in these pictures?
 Peep a few of the answers below!
There was a game where I asked questions to see who remembered different things that affected me during my pregnancy like when I started showing, where I was giving birth (Labour Story here) and cravings, which I spoke about here!
Some people were stretching their necks to see other's answers.
 Some were doing team work!
 Some were feeling pretty 😝
Some couldn't believe the answers others wrote!
We took loads of cute pictures!
Some silly snaps too :D
 The day wouldn't have been complete without some group pictures
 I've got so much Love for everyone in this picture 💛💛💛
We then proceeded outside to paint, shout out to my sister and cousin for coming up with this creative concept!!!
 My friends and cousins are insanely talented!
Which painting is your favourite?
Check out my latest video here for a recap of the day and to hear how I discovered I was pregnant 😃
Have you been for a baby shower before?
Let me know what it was like! This was my first time attending one :)



  1. Aww, this looks like it was a really fun and lovely event. The space looks really nice. Did your guests go home with their paintings? I would totally have kept them all to decorate the nursery - it's what I did with the paper flowers I made for my baby shower. They're still hanging on Cocoa's nursery walls almost 2 years later!

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. The pictures are really lovely. The baby shower video on YouTube channel is so cute too.

    Congratulations again, Tuke.