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UK Baby & Mummy Hospital Bag 2019

In the final weeks of pregnancy, it is important to ensure your hospital bag is packed as Labour can start at any time.
Click here to watch the video on youtube showing what went in my bag.
First things first you need the bags. My things were in this Green Dockers Hand Luggage while Baby Oso's things were in the Grey Asda Bag.
I took Bibs but these weren't necessary as I didn't start using them on my Baby till he started drinking Expressed Milk from the Bottle.
The Bandana bibs are better as they catch dribble that regular bibs might miss.
In the Uk, it is advised that baby's aren't bathed till 7 days old, however, in Nigeria, babies can be bathed from the day they are born. 
The baby was cleaned with one of the hospital towels then wrapped in a blankie with a hat on.
Scratch mittens are really important as baby's nails are very sharp, however, the edge of most sleepsuits can be flipped outwards so they turn into scratch mittens.
We didn't use the cellular blankets at the hospital as we kept baby wrapped in the fleecy ones
Doesn't the mothercare one look so lush?!
Sleepsuits and Bodysuits are extremely important.
Please buy some Newborn/first size/up to one month as my baby still fits in these at 16 weeks.
5 sleepsuits and 5 bodysuits are more than enough.
We were discharged the day after he was born and this is the case with many people who have a vaginal delivery.
We didn't need the Muslin squares but you can pack one or two just incase.
Colustrum is thicker than breast milk so doesn't really leak much when baby burps.
We don't really use the Gro bag but maybe baby oso will like it more when he gets a bit older.
We just put him in a white sleepsuit for the journey home, didn't wear the going home outfit.
The white cardigan was needed but the snowsuit was too big so ensure you buy the small size of this. Now that it fits, it is summer time so isn't necessary.
These milestone cards were gifted to me by baby of colour milestones.
When the baby clocks major milestones, I take his picture with the card by his side to capture fond memories and track his growth.
They retail for £17 on Amazon, shop here, and are made by a Nigerian Mum.
Nappies, wipes and nappy sacks are so important, Take at least 15 of the smallest nappy size!

The hand sanitizer was really useful as we made all visitors use it before carrying the baby.
The crocs, socks, nursing bra, snacks, toiletries and tena pants were really useful.
I wasn't a huge fan of the disposable briefs or maternity pads but I will talk about them in a seperate video so subscribe to my channel here so you don't miss it.
I didn't end up wearing my pyjamas as I wore the dressing gown at the hospital and changed into my track bottoms and hoodie to go home.
I didn't use the Silicon pump because I was advised to not pump till baby is at least 4 weeks to avoid nipple confusion. However, I could have used the Naturebond as it acts more like a milk catcher, Breast feeding and pumping video coming up soon.
I used lists created by Mothercare, Emmas Diary, Kachee Tee, Kike's closet and Pampers as my guide.
Click here to watch the video on youtube that shows what went in my bag.


  1. Wait, did you really take all these things to the hospital? *mouth wide open*

  2. Hi Tuke, pls share tips on UK birth tourism and how you registered with the private nhs medical team. (If you went through that process). Congratulations again.

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