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La Brioche Lagos

La Brioche recently moved to a bigger space in Victoria Island.

If you've never heard of La Brioche, click here to check out my review from when I visited in 2016!
They serve complimentary bread which was Yummy, reminds me of the 5 loaves of bread from the Bible.
My In Laws & I had brunch there yesterday to celebrate their wedding anniversary.
3 of us got the Seafood Linguine, I got mine without Mussels though.
It was really delicious, it wasn't tomato or cream based.
The flavour was in the oil: Garlic, Parsley & Chilli.
The seafood Pasta comes with shrimp, not prawns but there was an egg dish with Prawns & a Lobster Pasta.
My Husband got the Lamb Ragu!
He enjoyed it but would have liked a Larger Portion.
I like the fact that they serve Pasta with Bread.
His Brother got the Steak Fritters & French Toast.
The French Toast came with Fresh Berries.
The pictures I took when I visited in 2016 are still some of my favourite food pictures.
Fresh Fruit & Pretty Plates make an image so Beautiful!
I didn't try the French Toast this time round but I'm definitely going to visit again to try their pancakes & Chicken and Waffles!!
My first drink was a Mango Berry & then I got a Strawberry Daiquiri.
The Daiquiri was soooooo good, it was well blended & didn't have bits of ice in it.
It was actually perfect and the good thing is they have happy hour on Weekdays from 5 till 7.
There were loads of peope there from Fashion Bloggers to Former BBN Housemates.

It is definitely going to be frequently visited by IJGB's this Christmas.
I like the fact that they had a High Chair for Tireni, he was a bit cranky at first because he didn't have his nap.

After eating some bread & getting loads of cuddles, he warmed up & started smiling.
The Manager/owner was really friendly and engaging, look how focused we were on the gist :D
Have you been to La Brioche recently? What did you think of the New Space & Menu? 

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