Blue Eyeshadow Look WOC | Tuke's Quest

Blue Eyeshadow Look WOC

Happy New Month Guys, so excited to bring you this Tribal Blue Eyeshadow Look on Two Women of Colour.

I collaborated with Fellow Blogger & Youtuber, Deola Adebiyi on this look.

Watch the full video here and let me know what you think!



  1. Tukstar! OMGGGG why didn't that name ever occur to me before? loll.
    please wear blue from now on :D Can you give us a green look next?
    Thank you :D

    btw, I love that you still blog. We all got so tired of the thing. lol

    1. Awwww, Yayyyy! This comment just made me so happy :) :)
      Looool, so glad you like the look.
      I will deffs collab with another youtuber for a green look and tag you when its up :D
      Thanks so much for stopping my Blog, so heart warming to read an OG's comment!

  2. My wardrobe is pretty much pinky nude several times over, I keep buying the same shade and I can't stop myself.

    xxo Helen | eastbay promo codes 20 off

    1. I have quite a lot of pink items in my wardrobe too, it's such a cute girly colour.