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How to install a Drawstring Ponytail

How cute is this Bohemian Drawstring Ponytail!

I fell in love with Ponytails back in 2017 when I had a Family Photoshoot and took these pictures.
Really glad to be collaborating with Natural Hair Rocks to giveaway a ponytail unit exactly like this one.
Check out the tutorial on my channel to see how I install it.
 Watch out for the giveaway post on my IG page, turn on post notifications so you don't miss it!
What do you think of my makeup?
I'm really loving a clean Neutral Beat these days.
I'm really glad my cousin encouraged me to get a Backdrop, love how clean my images are.
I've also been taking really good care of my skin, can't wait till all the Dark spots caused by pregnancy fade away.
Can you believe the Ember months start in a few days?
This year has really flown by!
I'm so grateful for life and what the rest of 2019 has to offer :)
Anyhoo, make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel here and turn on the notification bell.
Loads more giveaways to come, pregnant women and first time mums will enjoy the most.
Have a Great Weekend!
See you in September!!!

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