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Exclusively Breastfeeding: Q n A, Weightloss & More

It's National Breastfeeding Month and I completed 6 months of Exclusively Breastfeeding on the 6th :)

 In today's video, I'm talking about my Breastfeeding Experience.
I also answer some questions I was asked on Instagram about Breastfeeding, weightloss, engorgement and more.
Please watch the video here and share with your mummy friends.
Pregnancy really changed many things about me, from botching up my skin to losing my thumbnail due to low immunity.
When I look back at pictures and videos from the first few weeks post partum, I'm just thankful for life and progress.
I'm giving away a Tube of Lansinoh Nipple cream so if you would like to win, make sure you subscribe to my channel here and leave a comment under the video saying you need it, Lagos residents only please.
I styled my hair myself and didn't even scarf it down.
Check out all my hair tutorials on my channel here and let me know if you want a tutorial on this look.


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