A Mustard Yellow Shift Dress from Inighi | Tuke's Quest

A Mustard Yellow Shift Dress from Inighi

Hey Guys, 

I know I haven't been very active on here, I tie the knot in a couple of weeks so most of my time has been spent preparing & finalizing plans, things should be back to normal next quarter.

My Blog turned 4 on February 8th and I didn't really celebrate it, had written it down in my diary as February 9th, might do something when it's 4 and a half instead :)
I love how free and comfy this Mustard dress is, I also like the fact that it can be dressed up or down.
One thing I discovered about my Inighi pieces is that they are truly versatile and can be styled in a variety of ways for different occasions.
Haven't seen my other outfits from Inighi, check them out here and here and use the coupon code INIGHITUKE to get 5% off your next order from them.
My makeup was done by Eeswat as a Bridal Trial, what do you think of it? Do you prefer it to my Introduction look or not?
Hair was styled using my Kinky Extensions from Her Given Hair, the kinky texture is way better than the coily one. Use the coupon code Tuke to get 5% or $10 off your next Her Given Hair order!
I got my Hair done at a New Natural Hair Salon I'm trying out, it's affordable, the staff are polite and I think they did an Awesome job.

My Heels are from Shirley B. Eniang's collaboration with Public Desire, I love it when Black Bloggers get the opportunity to collaborate with International Brands, more of that in Jesus name.
My Bag is from Bally, styled it previously here
The necklace belongs to my sister, she got it from Thailand or Marrakesh, I'm sure something similar can be found at Lekki Arts & Craft Market.
I'm hosting the Arts & Culture Stage at She Leads Africa Slay Festival tomorrow, hope to see some of you there.

I had no idea planning and preparing for marriage will be so time consuming.
I can't wait to get back to work :)
Shout out to my friends Ore & Chike for taking these pictures.
If you don't want to wear red for post valentine's celebrations this month, take a look through Inighi's Valentine sale as there is 10% off which ends tomorrow.
Please say a prayer for me as I prepare to embark on this new exciting journey :)

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Happy Belated Valentines Day!!


  1. Hey Tuke,

    This is a really nice makeup look (Eeswat is awesome) but I think the Introduction look is more like you. Not like you as in, more Tuke style but more like you because it's truly your real face. More recognisable. Does this make sense?

    This is a cute dress! You're really slaying these Inighi pieces. They should call you and your photographer next time because the photos on their website do not do those clothes justice at all.

    1. Thank you Ekene, really appreciate your honest opinion!
      Yes, it does make sense :)
      Awww, Thanks for the Awesome feedback, I find that studio shot pictures don't always show clothes in the best light!
      I've absolutely loved collaborating with them and will love to style more pieces from them in the future.

  2. Mustard looks so good on you! You're my go-to when I want to know colors that would work with my skin tone!

    Your makeup looks really good - subtle but nice. The brows kinda look like the one for your introduction. If you hadn't mentioned, I'd have thought it was done by the same person.

    Your hair is too fine, please. Ah ahn! Please, share the details of the salon, I don't have a hair stylist yet.

    On planning a wedding, I've been blaming every married person I know for not warning me about the stress involved. Ah!

    Many congrats ahead of your big day, may it be beautiful!

    1. Awwww, Thank you, I really love Mustard and Burnt Orange, I think they go really well with my warm golden skin tone :)
      Looool, it is called Roots & Tips, their Instagram page is https://www.instagram.com/roots_n_tipshairsalon/. Tell them I recommended you o, maybe next time they will do my hair for free :D
      Lool, no one warned me, it's all good though, I'm almost done with the process and will tell people the honest truth, wedding planning and marriage prep ain't easy.
      Thanks Hun!!!

  3. Love the dress!


  4. Hi Tuke,
    I love the dress. You looked absolutely stunning in both looks but i prefer the introduction look. Details on the salon too puhleaseee.....Thank you.
    God will grant you his wisdom for the new journey ahead. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks Todimu, it's like the introduction look is winning, hmmm.
      It's called Roots & Tips and it is in Ikoyi, check out their Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/roots_n_tipshairsalon.
      Amen o, Thank you!

  5. Hi Detuke...congratulations on this new journey of life you're about to embark on. Please I have been looking for am email address to reach you on...I would like to make some enquiries. I can't seem to find any anywhere. I would really appreciate one. Thank you.

  6. The hair, the dress, everything!!! Pure Gold! ❤️❤️

  7. You look really beautiful Tuke!!
    Pls share deets of the natural hair salon... your hair is really nice!!!

  8. Love your hair, dress and energy in the pics😊

  9. Mustard is definitely your colour, It really suits you! I pray for guidance and I hope you find happiness in this new journey you are about to embark on.


  10. Can finally open your blog. Yaay! Had to take the bold step of switching from Glo to Mtn. To start off with, that dress colour looks so lovely on you, your hair is so beautiful and your makeup is a yes. Happy married life & God bless your home.

  11. I like the colour. You look classy and i love your hair, you look so pretty and your eyes and lips are gorgeous! ;) x x x x

  12. Hi Tuke, just stumbled on your IG page today via Bellanaija, stalked you all the way down to the blog, LOL! Congratulations on your wedding, may every year come with your love richer & better. Nice blog here!

  13. This mustard yellow looks good on you... wish I could prime you into wearing this colour more often.