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My 2017 Review

Happy New Year Guys!

Thanks for being part of my journey in 2017, looking forward to a better 2018.

Last year, I did a year in review post as opposed to a goal audit post, doing something similar again this year :)

2017 was a year where I wasn't tied to any formal institution or place of work, so I told myself, it was a year of No Limits.
At the beginning of the year, I saw someone post on instagram about a Gratitude Challenge, writing what you are thankful for on a slip of paper each day and putting it in a gratitude jar. I decided to partake in the challenge but got a dated journal from Laterna Ventures so I can look back and remind myself what I was grateful for each day. It sorta turned into a diary where I wrote a summary of each day :)

2017 was an interesting year, filled with a number of highs but too many unexpected deaths. I pray that none of us will have to deal with unexpected losses again.

I wrote an article on Being a Multipotentialite and loads of people DM'd me with awesome feedback, a number of people heard the word for the first time and were shocked that it completely defined them. Thus, I decided to review my year by talking about the different areas of my life.

Regarding Photography
I attended a number of classes, the first one was organised by Prince Meyson and Lex Ash with teachers like Eleanor GoodeyJidekola and Emmanuel Oyeleke.
I'm really glad I invested in the course, yes, I paid full price even though Lex is my friend.
Learning about these photographer's approach to work, branding, pricing, editing, etc was very enlightening. I met new people and the class inspired me to create the Versatility of Natural Hair Series.
Joel Adu is one of my favourite photographers, he ran a class with D'mayo and I got invited to attend the food photography session. It was nice to learn about his workflow process, how he handles clients and how he shoots with natural light and artificial light.
I have a lot of photographer friends who are excelling in their field and it inspires me and brings so much joy to my heart.
I made new photographer friends like Femi, Gbemi, Dami, Shutter, Shadez, Shina, etc
Spending Quality Time with other creatives is very eye opening as we are all facing similar challenges so can share our experiences and how we've solved challenges. I love the fact that everyone has a niche and style of working.
The Bible says Iron Sharpens Iron, I think the hunger to create rubs off on you when you spend time with people who have that same drive.
I bought a new lens, a 35 mm while in Dubai.
I got gifted the Samsung S8 and improved my phone photography game.
I plan to get a mirrorless camera this year, considering the Canon M3, Canon M6, Olympus M10 Mk II or Panasonic G7. If you own or have used any of these cameras, I would love to hear about your experience with them.

Regarding Music
I didn't play as many gigs as 2016, nevertheless, my company became more structured.
Clients were comfortable enough to book my band (Alternative Saxophonist, Violinist, Singers) even when I was unavailable. It was comforting to know that clients were confident in our ability to deliver.
I worked with some event planners for the first time and had mostly great experiences.
I travelled to Abeokuta to play for someone's first dance, it's always nice when a bride specifically requests for my service. We played Thinking out loud and recorded our rehearsal, check it out here!
I learnt that I need to rehearse more and not get complacent.
I won the Music Category of the SME 100 Nigeria award for 25 under 25 entrepreneurs and got nominated in 3 categories: Music, Content Creation and Media & Communication.
I started recording my gigs and sharing professional videos on Instagram, I also created a separate page to show what the band gets up to.
I plan to invest in a Soprano Sax this year, I wouldn't mind if I am gifted one though ;)
I also plan to spend more time with older more established gospel musicians, many of them say I should call them or come and visit but I haven’t. Relationships are important so I plan to build a lot more meaningful relationships this year, check out my latest article on friendships here.

Regarding Blogging
It was important for me to get compensated appropriately for my work and to work with International Brands.
I realised the need to learn from other people's experiences and journey so invested money in attending awed by moni's masterclass, and Fisayo Longe's full time blogger online course.
I collaborated with International and Indigenous Technology, Fashion, Food and Lifestyle Brands like VisaVliscoInighiFood TrolleyMaggiWaffle HausMaju and Samsung.
I collaborated with Bloggers whose style, work ethic and aesthetic I admire: Jennifer Amani & The Svnflwr :)
I didn't write as many Blogposts last year, let's see what 2018 brings.

Regarding Youtube
I wasn't happy that my friends thought I wasn't interested in video content so didn't bother recommending me for the Youtube Trainings in Lagos. It inspired me to improve my video editing skills and create more video content.
I created deliberate content for specific results and was really pleased with the quality of the work created.
The Fulani Woman Pictures & Video were a favourite!
I did 2 haul videos: the N15,000 one and the Romwe one and made accompanying short clips for Instagram, check some of my favourite herehere and here.
My camera is over 5 years old and doesn't allow me record separate audio in an easy way so I decided to put a pause on videos of me talking until I am able to invest in the necessary/appropriate equipment.
I will be consistent on Youtube from the 2nd quarter of the year.

Regarding Content Creation
I got accepted into a Content Creation Fellowship called Amplify which started in October.
32 fellows who are animators, photographers, writers, bloggers, vloggers and/or videographers were chosen from Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria and Ghana to sharpen our skills, create consistent content, build a community and learn how best to build a sustainable career in the content creation field.
Getting accepted into this fellowship was one major highlight of 2017, I'm learning a lot and I'm constantly inspired by the team who created the Akoma Brand.
We have to create individual content every other week and a group project every month, check out what I've done so far here and let me know what you think.
The other fellows are super talented, I find that I learn more about each country through the pictures, articles and videos shared by the fellows, check them out here!
We are taught by different creative bosses each week, one of the co-founders is so open and honest, I could talk about the benefits of these scheme for days, will forever be grateful for the opportunity.
God Bless them :)

Regarding Travel
I wanted to travel more in 2017, visit new countries, explore states in Nigeria for the first time and travel for work.
I was supposed to go to Enugu and Anambra for the first time however Man proposes, God disposes so it didn't happen.
I visited 5 countries though
  • 3 of them for the first time: Kenya, Dubai and Italy
  • 2 I had been to in the past: England and Ghana
I asked on my stories whether people prefer fashion, food, travel, music, hair or beauty posts.
Travel was hands down the most popular, so expect a lot more travel content this year!
People started calling me travel Blogger and I almost worked with a travel brand but the timing wasn't right :( There is a travel related collaboration coming up really soon though!

I need to explore Nigeria more this year, gotta go on a Social Prefect Tour.
I also hope I get more opportunities to travel for work.

Regarding Speaking

I was on a panel at 4 different events

The first one was a C & G Blogger Brunch at Pancake Hub in Yaba on April 1st, see poster here. I was on a panel with John Obidi & Nappy Haired. We spoke about making money online, through our blog, collaborations with Brands, pitching to Brands and growing our Blogs

The second one was a Budding Wings event on April 29th about entering emerging markets in Nigeria, see poster here. I was on a panel with Social Prefect, it was a very intimate event. We spoke about our journey's in the Travel and Music industry and Brand Collaborations. We were both working with Samsung to promote the Galaxy S8. We spoke about our differences in style of work as we both have different instagram aesthetics. See pictures we took on that day here.

The third one was a Hair Event organised by Dabs of Naija Hair can Grow. It held on the 6th of August at Oriental Hotel, I really wish my whole talk was recorded. I made a powerpoint presentation and spoke about my hair journey as a relaxed girl and a natural girl. My fiancé was there, it was really nice, see poster here. I had learnt from the previous speaking engagements so was more confident and didn't rush my words. It was my favourite speaking engagement of 2017.

The fourth one was a Shea Moisture Event at Oriental on the 3rd of November, see poster here. We were supposed to talk about Budget friendly hair, however, the panel changed to DIY Hair. I was put on the spot and had to make a DIY product using ingredients like Avocado, Egg and Shea Butter. I won the DIY battle which was fun. I have some bits of it recorded, check out a short clip of the battle here.

Regarding my Personal Life
I tried out an activity I was always curious to try: Snorkelling!!!
It was an Amazing Experience and I'll share more about it once I'm back on Youtube :)
I explored new countries with loved ones, slowly gotten used to the travelling without parents life and I love the independence :D

I made new friends, I lost some friends, started attending a christian fellowship with some talented creative individuals who are doing Amazing work and building their relationship with God, these people really inspire me.

In 2017, I didn't want to make consistent money from Sax alone, grateful to brands who trusted me with their creative campaigns. I'm really glad I got accepted into the Content Creation Fellowship as it has impacted my life in a variety of ways. My total income didn't increase as much as anticipated in 2017 but I trust that 2018 will be different.


I get married in a few months and know my life is going to change in a variety of ways.
It's an exciting but scary journey and I pray for grace, favour and wisdom.
I need to serve in church and belong to a church community/family.
I also have to deal with the fact that I'm not just marrying my Husband but I'm marrying into a family that is completely different from mine so a lot of adjustments have to be made.
Praying for Jaw Dropping Miracles and Testimonies this year :)

I plan to be more disciplined and self conscious this year.
I also plan to be more decisive and to ask for God's direction to help me make the best decisions.

How was your 2017 and what are you hoping for in 2018. If you wrote a review post, please leave a link to it in the comment section below. Let me know what kept you going on tough days and how you plan to make 2018 better.

I am grateful, for the experiences I've gone through, the lessons I've learnt, the opportunities that have made my life better and the blessings of family, friends and loved ones!

Funny how the 2016 best nine collage was filled with 4 pictures of me in red and 4 pictures with a sax  while the 2017 post was filled with no pictures of me in red and no pictures with a Sax. What are you guy's trying to say :D


  1. This was such a great read Tuke! Happy to see all your accomplishments, and I'm even happier because I know you're only starting. Goodluck in your endeavour in 2018, wishing you a successful wedding, marriage, career, relationships and all round greatness! You're very inspiring.

    1. Thank you Oyinlola :)
      I appreciate the kind words!

  2. I also look forward to these posts and it's great to see your growth. Hoping for the best 2018 for you! Count down to the wedding x

  3. Yay! Was able to see it on your site! Anyways, great article and I really feel I should do a year in review now!!

  4. You had such an amazing year, I wish you an even better

  5. TUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been too long since I have visited your blog.
    I know I am late buy massive congrats your engagement.
    God bless you and you future husband. May God mould you to be the women he wants you to be! May you become an embodiment of Proverbs 31. May you learn to please God in all areas of your life! You marriage will be a positive example to many! People will look at you and see God! May you experience joy. Your marriage will be full of joy. May you build each other up.

    I am soooo happy for you! Now I have to catch up on your older post so I am in the loop hahahah.

    All the best!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Awwww, Thanks Hunny!
      Amen o, really appreciate the prayers, much needed.
      God Bless you!!

  6. Your 2018 was such a rollercoaster... I wish you the very best dear.

    Glowyshoes's blog

  7. Hi Tuke,
    I saw your pictures on Bellanaija and thought you had one of the most unique smiles ever; it's great to find your blog via WordPress :)
    I hope you follow mine and I hope to interact with you more.
    All the best,