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Weekend Gist: Glowreeyah's album launch & a 50th Birthday Party

Hey Guys,

Happy Monday!

Hope your weekend was enjoyable & hope you're making progress with your goals. My music exam that I spoke about here is in a couple of weeks so Tuke is in Student mode :)

Last weekend was very Sax filled for me, Musicians will say she gigged every day.
 My friend's Mum turned 50 and had a praise and worship service on the Friday
Mr Akinlade was a teacher in my primary school but now he has an entertainment company which produces kkb. He is also a cinematographer, his people helped record the video of me playing at Greenwood's 20th anniversary, link here. The photography arm of his company is @mdlstudios on Instagram.
I'm wearing my Silver Earrings from Millesime and you get 5% off anything you buy from their website if you use the promo code: Tukesquest.
 I wore the silver ones in Last Week's vlog too!
Here is a Better Picture of my Look that day.
I'll be giving away the gold one's in this week's vlog which should go up on wednesday so keep your eyes peeled.
On Saturday I played at the Dinner Party for my Aunty's 50th
It was an Oscar themed party hence the long dress which I wore for my 21st Birthday Party, pictures here.
 On Sunday, I played at Glowreeyah Braimah's album launch/concert.
I led the opening worship and this is me getting in the zone before I climbed the altar. Shout out to @eniolatito of  @abumeredotcom for these awesome pre-ministration pictures.
 Pulse wrote an article about it, link here.
The pictures with the pulse sign were taken by Jordan Eniola @roc_images on Instagram
@chubbclef on Insta took some great pictures of me too. We met at Live your Dreams earlier in the year.
I'm wearing my Millesmie necklace & my dress is from Desire1709. Inikpi has got long braids on and Tobe has got the bob ones. Shout out to friends who support!!! Inikpi took the pictures in this post, this one and this one too.
That's Glowreeyah in the pink dress and some other guest ministers from the concert. You can watch a video of my ministration here.
How was your weekend?


  1. Wow ... what a packed weekend, really great to see you doing what you love!

    1. It really was a packed but enjoyable weekend, had to have a lie on Monday :)

  2. That looks like a lovely weekend.
    What a blessing that you know how to play the sax.
    That is really nice!


    1. Thank you Funmi, it definitely was quite lovely!

  3. Just stumbled upon your blog and I'm loooving it! :-)

    1. Awwww, Thanks Yvonne :)
      I'm glad you stumbled upon it!

  4. You're right about that, Thanks Babe :)

  5. You looked regal! Tres jolie!

  6. You looked so beautiful

  7. Hi tuke,
    Glad i could finallycomment..been a fan since 1st post..
    Dont mind me, am just like that!