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Tuke's Trips: Road to China via Amsterdam

Hey Guys,

Happy Monday :)

So I've mentioned so many times on the blog that I will write about China but after the comments on this post, I decided to start the series this month.

I went to China in the Summer of 2012 and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Prior to that the only countries I had visited were the UK, Ghana, America and Canada. The most adventurous thing I had done was the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme where I climbed hills, walked 20 km's each day, slept in tents, didn't shower, drank water from a stream, etc. D of E was tougher but going to China was another level of adventure.

I was really scared to go. I remember the night before I left Nottingham to go to the airport, I was having second thoughts. I was nervous, I was scared but deep deep deep down I was excited. I was packing with my friend, Ife & he said if God didn't want me to go or if he thought I would be harmed in any way, I wouldn't have gotten the scholarship. That sort of calmed me down and I left Nottingham feeling a bit better.
Caffe Nero Frappucino at the Airport

My flight took off from London City Airport and this was my last meal in England before the Journey began.
Caffe Nero Frappe & Food at Airport
As you can see, I've always loved Food Photography. This Frappe reminds me of the one I had at Cafe Neo last year.
happy traveller at london airport
Back in 2012, I knew NOTHING about makeup, as you can see, eyebrows not on fleek but smile forever fleeky, hehe. Don't forget to take part in the Dental Makeover Giveaway, 6 days to go!
Signboards at Schipol Airport
I flew KLM for the first time so stopped in Amsterdam at the Schipol airport. Any KLM lovers in the house?
Amsterdam Postcards
I bought postcards :)
Haribo in Butterfly Shaped Pack
I found many things intriguing, this was my first time in a country where the dominant currency was the Euro.
Amsterdam Schipol Airport Layover
I got some people passing by to take a picture of me in that life size statue as I wanted to capture the moment. That hand luggage lasted for me for my 5 years, I absolutely loved the colour! Carpisa makes great quality luggage, now I use a nice black hand luggage that MTN gave my dad one Christmas :)
Tulips at Amsterdam Airport
I love the fact that there were Fresh Lilies at the airport.

I think the blue and white pattern is very Dutch like.
Wooden elephants at Amsterdam Schipol Airport

There were loads of miniature elephants at this airport store. Lord knows I wished I could have gone into the city of Amsterdam to explore. Oh well, that time will come. This is the beginning of a long and interesting series, a recap of my experience in my China. 

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I Love telling stories and I hope you're ready to enjoy the ride!!!

P.S. remember my friend Ife that I mentioned at the beginning of this post, he has been doing some pretty amazing things since I last saw him. Watch this video of him at TedX Croydon to catch a glimpse of that greatness :)


  1. Ah Tukes, This is teasing ni. I am forever glued to this blog. Please bring the gist o. I love your stories. And yes smile forever on fleeky.. lol.


    1. Loool, Awwww. You're actually the sweetest :)
      You're one of my favourite blog readers, your comments always bring a smile to my face.
      Thank you :*
      The gist is coming :) :)

  2. Ah! Everything looks nice. I need to start traveling too o, it has a way of lifting up your spirit plus I need all the exposure I can get. Keep updating o! I haven't read your posts in a while, it's always nice here.


    1. It really has a way of lifting one's spirit and exposing a person to different cultures and traditions.
      Awww, Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. First off, we all need that one friend like Ife. God bless Him. The message in his video, hmm deep stuff right there. Yea I see you have upgraded on a lot, even your make-up game. LOL. Nice one. More on China...

    1. We really do o! Very deep stuff!
      Loool, serious upping of game o, the only thing I knew was eyeliner and it wasn't even an every day thing.

  4. Lol my favorite picture was the one with the giant statue. Looked really cute and made me smile. Can't wait to see China through your eyes, dear.

    Hope you have an awesome week!


  5. And I almost went to China last year with my boss on an assignment oo...chai..anyways i'm sure reading this series will bring me closer to China. Lovely pictures ...


    1. Eyah, hopefully that opportunity comes up again for you!
      Thank you :)

  6. Ife's speech was so motivational. Chioma is right, we all need a friend like Ife

  7. Beautiful pictures, reminds me of my visit to amsterdam. Most fun places were the red light district and the Xtracold Ice bar where everything from chairs, tables even drinking cups are made of ice. Then I love that their food is well spiced unlike in England, Oh their Cheese, I becames addicted to it so I always fly KLM whenever I have the opportunity just because I can get cheese from duty free. Erm those are tulips not lilies which Amsterdam is known for. I am following ur China posts, I love travel.

    1. Thank you Akaglue :)
      There is an ice bar in London but I sadly never got the chance to visit it while I was there.
      Loool, really, I only like cheese on pizza and in lasagne.
      Thanks for noticing that, I mixed them up!

  8. Tuke where is the remaining in this series oooo??? I love travelling, if only my pocket will cooperate with my itchy feet...lol. Most adventurous thing I have done would be visiting the Niagara falls. I was there last summer, got on the Maid of the Mist boat, heard the roar of the falls and felt the spray on my face. Being right in from of the falls felt so powerful, I should do it again. Also I climbed to the top of Idanre Hills in Ondo State in Sept 2011. Was a good experience. I have been to the UK, Ireland, France and USA. I really want to go to Asia, Brazil, Egypt and Canada. Re KLM, I'm stuck with their alliance cos of my miles (Delta, KLM, Air France). I do like KLM but I think I prefer Airfrance. Pls post more of the China series plssssss

    1. Loool, it's coming o! This February has been filled with soo many posts and I don't want to overwhelm my wonderful readers. Next month's calendar is already sooo full with the Blogversary giveaway, a new food related series and some interesting collaborations. But yeah, the series will continue next month :)
      I have really itchy feet, trusting that this year I will travel to other countries to play my Sax. Hopefully everything works out well.
      I haven't been to the Niagara falls but I have been to Canada, went to Vancouver as my cousins used to live there, they are now in another city. I have cousin's on my Mum's side and cousin's on my Dad's sdie who are based there so I really need to visit again, one of them's school is really close to the falls
      I haven't even been to Erin Ijesa Waterfalls, watching everest last sunday got me in a travel mood. I haven't left Nigeria since December 2014, I think I need a Holiday, hehe.
      I went to Idanre Hills in Secondary school, it was a Geography excursion, i think 2007, our teacher said it'll be cold and we should bring our sweaters, it was sooo hot but I felt accomplished when I got to the top. What platform do you use to book your tickets? Do you use a travel agent or do you book directly?
      This is a really long comment o :)

  9. I book tru an agent. I really wish I could do more touristy stuff in Nigeria but you know na....lol. Plan Niagara into your next trip to Canada, you'll love it. I am looking forward to the sequel of this, but pls take your time.

    1. I really took my time to write the sequel, it's going to be up tomorrow :)
      I really want to explore Nigeria more too and it seems like God is about to answer that prayer, hoping for the best.

  10. China is definitely on my radar. Did you ever write another post on this? I can't seem to find it.

    1. Yes, I put up others. Links below: